Members Only


Poems from Members Only (Recent Work Press / Ampersand Duck, 2017)

The book Members Only was a collaboration with artist Caren Florance which began at a CraftACT residency at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in 2014-2015. The collaboration also resulted in an artist’s book (1962: Be Spoken To), and exhibitions in Canberra at M16 Art Space and East Space Gallery. Read more here.

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Partial men.

Male in. Part

man, part lie

(rampant lie).

Rant, lie, map,

lie, mar, pant.

Mantra pile.

Real man pit

in a trample

armpit lane

latrine map.

I arm planet

I mar planet

man at peril

: remap at nil.

View of the Molonglo, February, 1962

This is progress, ugly and too slow, like life

Picture a little river

banks well-wooded

hay tall in the paddocks

a little road curving through

to dip and cross in a hollow, down there, squired

by spindly grey sticks of weathered telegraph poles.

The river has no future, or rather, its future is to be subsumed

in the idea of a lake.

Call it a dormant idea; sleeping these forty years.

The embarrassment of Robert Menzies rouses it,

unleashes the bulldozers at last.

There is felling and gouging

moved earth heaped into putative islands named by committee.

A grand bridge rises to skim the treetops, two years ahead of its shore,

soaring over nothing much, swirling with the dust of drought.

Next month Menzies will unlock a chain

and send a motorcade across.

A line of willows

clinging to a snake of sand

straggles to exit, stage right.

Next year in spring, the valves will close

on Scrivener Dam. Still no rain,

the lake persisting as an abstraction,

there will be billabongs, mosquitoes, acrimony;

months and months of Menzies intoning in his sleep

trust, my people, trust

the waters will come

to cover this

wilderness we have made.

‘View of the Molonglo, February, 1962’ was made into a short film for Localjinni’s Lakeside Stories project, part of the Contour 556 Public Art Biennial, 2018.