Poetry Manuscript Editing


Melinda has been editing poetry all her writing life, and professionally for over five years. She specialises in manuscripts for early-career poets but has also edited poetry for newspaper publication (the weekly poetry page in The Canberra Times, 2015-2017) and for anthologies (she co-edited the Australian Poetry Anthology No. 8, 2020, with Sara Saleh).

Obligation Free Quote

Melinda uses a free-of-charge, no-obligation quote system. Send your manuscript and she will estimate roughly how many hours it will take. In her experience most manuscripts take between 15 – 20 hours. If you decide to proceed, she undertakes to charge only for the hours performed, i.e. if she quotes 17 hours and only spends 12, you will only be charged for 12.

Other Services

Editing services for individual poems or suites of poems, and Manuscript Assessments also available.

Project Based Mentoring Services

Melinda is also available for project-based Mentoring services.

As a recent example, she has mentored a team of two emerging poets and a midwifery researcher through the process of putting together a national anthology of poetry around ‘the four trimesters’ in Australia – childbearing, conceiving (or not), pregnancy, birth (or not), adjustment to parenting (or not).

For this project the services included an introductory discussion, attending up to two editorial meetings, and email / telephone advice on:
- poets and poems to seek out;
- ways to proceed when seeking permission and offering fees;
- sensitivities around particular subject matter;
- achieving an appropriately diverse and representative group of poetic voices;
- poem ordering,
- establishing proof-checking processes; and
- ad hoc advice as requested.

This is just an example of the kind of assistance Melinda can offer. She is also available for mentoring on individual creative projects. Why not include some mentoring in your next grant application?

She can offer hourly rates, or a suite of advisory services for a capped fee, or a combination. Please use the contact form to get in touch and discuss your needs.


‘It's been an immense pleasure and privilege to work with and learn from Melinda.’ – Nadia Rhook, boots, UWAP

‘I am SERIOUSLY grateful for your sensitivity and help. THANK YOU, GRAZIE, GRAZIE MILLE!‘ – Josephine Clarke, Recipe for Risotto, UWAP

‘Thanks so much …I am really grateful for your time on this - I think it’s going to be stronger with your input.’ – Lucy Alexander, Strokes of Light, Recent Work Press

‘Thanks so much for all your well-considered work and thoughts … they are very helpful and reassuring. …Really appreciate your help with this…Would you mind if I get in touch again in the future with other poems?’ – Simone King, emerging Melbourne poet and editor

‘Thanks so much for this feedback, it's surprising and great to hear. I found this process of reworking difficult and very helpful. … and so many thanks, it's been wonderful working with you again.’ – Nadia Rhook, unpublished manuscript